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king, Kittie.It▓ isn't just curiosity. Well, a▓ horrid man frightened me.I suppose he was dr▓unk.But if Miss Elliott knew about that--▓!

How did he frighten you▓ He jumped out at me.It'●s a kind of dark place on Sherman Street, an●d I was scurrying along and I didn't see him at ▓all until I was right up to him, and th▓en as I hurried by he suddenly

jumped out and ca▓ught my arm. Did you scream ▓I shrieked and struck at him-- What with● Why, I just struck out.But I had my ▓skates in my hand and I guess I hit him, becau▓se he let go of my arm.Then I ran as hard as ●I could. The physician's test●


imony at the inquest flashed across● Lyon's mind,--a heavy instru●ment with a cutting edge.Kitty's ▓skate and not Lawrence's cane! The relief was● so great that he almost forgot▓ the necessity of establishin

g all t●he links.But Miss Rose was appro▓aching, and he knew he must lo●se no time. How was he dressed, Kittie▓ Goodness! I didn't stop t▓o



see. B

ut in dark clothes or light Did ▓he wear a hat He had a long loose grey c●oat, and a hat pulled away down over his eyes.A

●nd a sil

k muffler around his thr▓oat was pulled up over his chin.That ca●me off in my hand when I pushed ●him away.I di

dn't know

I had it un▓til I had run half a block.Then I thr▓ew it in the street. Lyon nodded.I▓ found it.Now, Kittie, I want you


ything,--a row, or a▓ fight of any so
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rt She shook her he●ad.I w
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